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Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Fun | Transport | General interest | Write a review about Atacames

Atacames is located approximately 25 Kilometers south of Esmeraldas and one of the main beach resorts on the Pacific coastline. Atacames always offers the potential of an all day & night party. A dancing atmosphere (24/7) during April-Oct, on weekends & holidays, but for those more tranquil travellers or for a balance we recommend the nearby beach of Súa for a fuller quota of sleep. Whale watching advice and tours are also when in Season, available from most Hotels.

The main basic services including Bus stops, Pacifictel and post office are located south of Río Atacames.

It is strongly recommended that Swimmers take great care with the undertow and study well warning beacons due to loss of life through lack of care and attention.
Assaults late at night while walking alone on the beach can also occur and for travellers walking between Súa and the main beaches at night, it is the general rule of thumb the world over stay away from dark areas at night with poor illumination such as parks, deserted Beaches, roads, etc.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation

Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed hotels, hostels, motels, resorts, cabins, or bed and breakfasts in Atacames for either a high standing or affordable place to stay during a business trip or vacation. By filling in our online Hotel reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will be able to search for the best and most affordable accommodation rates. Save time and money and take advantage of immediate discounted hotel rates!.

Also, hotels are generally expensive in Atacames, though Atacames is more of a rustic beach town than a modern one. If you prefer to stay in modern, upmarket hotels, we recommend in this section the best ones as well as the best for rustic but nice cabins on the beach as follows:

Hotel Elicios's.- Comfortable rooms and suites with A/C, TV, swimming pool, Bar and Restaurant. Reservations: Tel. 06-731-258, Fax: 06-731-777.

Juan Sebastián.- A 5 star hotel. With A/C, restaurant, pool, parking, cable TV. It is located at the east end of the beach. Tel. 06-731049 / 06-731607.

Club del Pacífico.- Upmarket cabins (American style) in Atacames. Reservations: Tel. 2986468 (in Quito).

Apartments for rent with capacity for 8 people, by the ocean with balconies, a/c, cable TV, etc. Reservations at El Viejo Fritz Restaurant. Tel. 09-9451777.


Villas Arco Iris.- Beautiful top class cabins with private bath, fridge, etc. located at the east end of the beach. Reservations: Tel. 06-731069, Fax: 06-731437.

Cabañas Caída del Sol.- Nice cabins with bath, fan, fridge, parking, etc. They also Organize whale watching tours. Location: Malecón del Río, at 150 m from the beach. Reservations: Tel/Fax: 06-731479.

Cabañas Los Bohíos.- Nice comfortable bungalows. One block away from the beach by the pedestrian bridge. Reservations: Tel. 06-731089.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants

The beach itself is full of bars and restaurants all over the place. Most of them offer seafood for the same prices. Note: Always try to avoid the "conchas". The stands located at the west end of the beach and the market make the best ceviches of town. A typical known sweet made in this region in the "Cocada", made from coconut, peanut and brown sugar sold in the main plaza and almost everywhere.

Paco Foco.- Good seafood. Located on the beach.

Marco's.- Steak and fish. Located on the beach.

El Tiburón.- Located on the beach. Good seafood.

On the Malecón..

Da Giuli.- Spanish and Italian.

El Viejo Fritz.- German and International Bar restaurant. Good for meat, seafood, & breakfasts.

No Name.- Good for pizzas.

Fajitas & Margaritas.- Mexican.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Fun

Sambaye Club.- Bar. Located on the Malecón, by Hotel Tahiti.

Scala.- Disco-bar. Located on the Malecón.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport


Trans Esmeraldas station is by the main park. To Guayaquil, 8 hrs. Ticket value around US$5.80, To Quito, 6 1/2 hrs. 3 buses daily. Ticket value around US$5.50. To & from Esmeraldas, 40 minutes. Buses leave every 15 minutes. Ticket value around US$0.80. To & from Muisne, every hour.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest


Banco del Pacífico.- Located by the main park. Travellers checks and Mastercard.


Internet.- Rates around US$2.40 per hour.

Cyber Keny@.- Located in Las Acacias Avenue. This Cyber has a big "INTERNET" sign, that may be observed from the bridge access to and from the beach. Recommended!
There are other Internet cafés by the main park.

Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Fun | Transport | General interest | Write a review about Atacames
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | fun | Shopping | Transport | General interest
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