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Bahia de Caraquez:
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Fun | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | Excursions | Write a review about Bahia de Caraquez

Bahía de Caráquez
© Picture by Kleintours

Bahía de Caráquez is one of the major Ecuadorian beach resorts. Housed in the Chone estuary lies Bahía, a laid back Pacific resort with a nice river fronted by well sculptured parks on the Alberto Santos Malecón. A small city easy to manage with very well preserved and clean beaches. Several hotels are located around the ferry close to San Vicente and others along the beach.

Bahía has been declared an "eco-city", with organic gardens, ecoclubs and recycling projects and has been the first city in the world with a certified organic shrimp farm.

Pre-Colombian pottery can be seen in the Casa de la Cultura at The archaeological museum of the Central Bank.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation

Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed hotels, hostels, hosterias, motels, resorts, or bed and breakfasts in Bahia de Caraquez for either a high standing or affordable place to stay during a business trip or vacation. By filling in our online Hotel reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will be able to search for the best and most affordable accommodation rates. Save time and money and take advantage of immediate discounted hotel rates!.

Casa Grande.- luxurious rooms and suites, outdoor swimming pool and terrace. Located in an exclusive residential area. Reservations: Tel. 05-692097, Fax: 05-692088.

La Herradura.- Very nice, comfortable rooms with a/c, restaurant service, etc. Address: Bolívar and Hidalgo. Reservations: Tel. 05-690446, Fax: 05-690265.

La Piedra.- Modern with beautiful views. Pool, restaurant & laundry service, access to beach. Address: Circunvalación close to Bolívar street. Reservations: Tel. 05-690780, Fax: 05-690154.

Bahía Bed & Breakfast Inn.- With restaurant service, includes breakfast. Address: Ascázubi 322 and Morales. Reservations: Tel. 05-690146.

ltalia.- Nice rooms. Cable TV, restaurant service, etc. Address: Bolívar and Checa. Reservations: Tel. 05-691137, Fax: 05-691092.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants

Brisas del Mar.- Good fish. Address: Hidalgo and Circunvalación.

Columbios.- A la carte and set meals. Address: Av. Bolívar and Ante.

La Chozita.- Barbecue style. Address: On the Malecón close to the ferry station "San Vicente" .

Los Helechos.- Ecuadorian. Address: Montúfar and Muñoz Dávila, by Circunvalación street.

Donatella's.- Good for pizzas. Address: One block away from Reina del Camino bus station.

El Capitán.- Good with chicken and seafood. Address: On the Malecón opposite the Hotel Bahía.

La Pepoteca.- Good food. Address: Malecón and Ante opposite the wharf.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Fun

Palma Morena.- Bar, good ambiance. Address: Morales and Ascázubi.

Insomnio.- Disco, open on weekends. Ask around.

Eclipse.- Disco-Bar. Address: Malecón and Arenas.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators

Bahía Dolphin Tours.- Runs tours to the estuary islands, the Río Muchacho farm, wetlands (See Chone), the organic shrimp farm to the Chirije archaeological site, Punta Bellaca dry forest, beautiful beaches and the Machalilla National park. Address: Av. Bolívar 1004 and Riofrío, Tel. 05-692097/086, Fax: 05-692088.

Guacamayo Bahía Tours.- Rent bikes and run the same tours mentioned above. They are involved as well with environmental work. Address: Av. Bolívar and Arenas, Tel & Fax: 05-691412.

See also excursions.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport
All buses coming into Bahía de Caráquez stop by the monument at the Malecón end of Ascázubi street before going back to their offices. Departing buses never go to the center. Coactur and Reina del Camino bus offices are located on Malecón 1600.

To Guayaquil, 5 hrs, ejecutivo (executive), 3 buses daily. Ticket value around US$4.80. Regular service every hour. Ticket value around US$3,20. To Quito, 6 hrs, ejecutivo, one bus daily. Ticket value around US$6,20. Regular, 8 hrs, 3 buses daily. Ticket value around US$4.70. To Esmeraldas, 8 hrs. Ticket value around US$6,00. To Puerto López, You must go to Portoviejo or Jipijapa and change buses there. To Manta, 3 hrs. Ticket value around US$2,20, every hour. To Santo Domingo de los Colorados, 4 to 4 1/2 hrs. Ticket value around US$3,20. To Portoviejo, 2 hrs. Ticket value around US$1,20. Buses available every hour.


The airport is located at San Vicente, but no regular flights.


There are three main roads to the highlands: Vía Chone and El Carmen to Santo Domingo. The second road is vía San Clemente and Rocafuerte to Pichincha, Velasco lbarra and on to Quevedo. Also you may go vía Calceta, which has nice landscapes but is not recommended by bus, only if traveling in a jeep, then it is recommended. The final route is vía Pedernales, which is very quick.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest

The Ministerio de Turismo offices in Bahía are located on Malecón and Arenas. Tel. 05-691124.


Banco de Guayaquil.- For Travellers checks, Visa and American express. Address: Av. Bolívar and Riofrío.


Internet: Rates around US$2.60 & 3,00 per hour.

Systemcom.- Address: Calle Riofrío and Av. Bolívar.

Genesis Net.- Net2phone. Address: On Malecón opposite the Repsol gas station, close to the ferry station.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Excursions

Around Bahía, excursions can be done in the estuary of the Río Chone to the following islands:

Isla Corazón.- With bird colonies located at the end of the island but may be seen only by boat.
Isla Fragatas.- Located ¼ of an hour by boat from Bahía with a myriad of bird types. Between August and January a large colony of frigate birds can be seen very closely showing their inflated red sacks during the mating ritual season.
Please note that interesting videos of all areas can be found in the information center in the small village of Puerto Portovelo.

Other interesting places to visit around the area are: Punta Bellaca, a beautiful beach on the way to Chirije close to the Cerro de las Orquídeas hill.

The archaeological site of Chirije, surrounded by tropical forest and nice beaches with cabins is 45 minutes south of Bahía. Chirije used to be a seaport of the Bahía Culture (500 BC-500 AD). This is a good place to relax, as well as for other activities in the area as birdwatching and horse riding.

Saiananda.- Located 5 km from Bahía, is a very interesting private park with accommodation and restaurant. Has a very unusual combination of native and domestic animals and birds such as: Chuchuchos, sloths, ostriches, macaws, deer, geese, rabbits, peacocks, donkeys, and cows. The park also has a cactus collection and a bonsai garden. Reservations: Tel. 05-398331.

Canoa is another attractive beach especially for hanggliders. The Río Muchacho organic farm ten kilometers north of Canoa offer horse riding trips in the farm, with rustic but comfortable accommodation. They also have volunteer programs.

Bahía de Caráquez:
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Fun | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | Excursions | Write a review about Bahia de Caraquez
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