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Santo Domingo:
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Ecuador Travel Guide
Tsachila indian from Santo Domingo de los Colorados
© Picture by Bodd Wuth. 02-2282841.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel From Quito to Sto. Domingo

Vía Alóag, is the most popular road from Quito to the heartland of Santo Domingo, which is awesome with meandering roads and bends along most of the elevated scenic drive that from the right side looks over fantastic valley views of trees, forests, houses dotted along the skyline and rock ranges. This snake road passes the small villages of Tandapi (45 km from Alóag), with basic accommodation and several restaurants along the road. 2 1/2 km from Tandapi, look out or ask the driver if in bus for the "El Poder Brutal", which is a sculptured rock of the devil's face complete with his fangs and horns. Alluriquín, 104 Km on the road is Hotel Florida with horse riding, swimming pool and a restaurant.
If driving by car please be careful to watch out for any careless drivers overtaking on bends especially in the evening when the fog and clouds create visibility problems forcing drivers to reduce speed to 20 km per hour.
15 minutes before arriving to Sto. Domingo de los Colorados is Tinalandia, a lodge with comfortable cabins and over 360 species of birds. For detailed information, see our eco-lodges section.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Santo Domingo de Los Colorados

Santo Domingo de Los Colorados is 129 km from Quito. Is the central route from the highlands to the coastline. Sto. Domingo has become a central banana and palm oil industry, though sugar plantations are also to be found in this valley province. The city itself is prone to flooding after torrential rains and not very attractive for travelers though you may find several reserves in the surrounding areas away from the city.

Colorado indians working at the sugar mill
©Picture by Bodd Wuth. 02-2282841

The "Monumento al Colorado" statue west of the center of town personifies well the look and dress code of the Tsáchila people nicknamed "Indios Colorados" but these indigenous Indians never venture to town in their traditional attire unless during special celebrations. The name "Indios Colorados" was attributed to them mainly because they would paint their hair red with a vegetable dye. They are spread around 8 different areas, from Santo Domingo to Chone, Quinindé and Quevedo inhabiting a reserve of around 8000 ha although today they total less than 2000 in numbers.

Please note: If staying a night or so in Santo Domingo do check hotels off the noisy main Av. 29 de Mayo for a better sleep and also be careful in the local markets and do not venture far from your hotel at night especially on the surrounding smaller neighboring streets.

If you are traveling by sturdy Jeep it is worth checking out the surrounding areas (See north of Sto. Domingo) for a few hours of butterfly, birdwatching or fishing. (See tour operators).

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation

Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed hotels, hostels, motels, resorts, eco lodges or bed and breakfasts in Santo Domingo de los Colorados for either a high standing or affordable place to stay during a business trip or vacation. By filling in our online Hotel reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will be able to search for the best and most affordable accommodation rates. Save time and money and take advantage of immediate discounted hotel rates!.

In Sto. Domingo

Diana Real.- Modern, DHL and Western Union representatives. Address: 29 de Mayo and Loja. Reservations: Tel. 2751380, Fax: 2754091.

Gran Unicornio.- Address: Ambato and Quito. Reservations: Tel. 2768500.

Ejecutivo.- Address: 29 de Mayo between Ambato and Cuenca. Reservations: Tel. 2752893.

Out of Sto. Domingo

On the road to Quito:

Tinalandia.- An eco-lodge with comfortable cabins and over 360 species of birds. Reservations: Tel. 09-9494727, in Quito Tel. 2449028, Fax: 2442638.

Hotel del Toachi.- Located on Km 1, west of Hotel Zaracay. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 2754688.

Zaracay.- With nice gardens and a swimming pool. Address: Av. Quito 1639, Km 1 1/2. Reservations: Tel. 2750316, Fax: 2754535.

Hosteria Los Colorados.- Nice comfortable cabins, artificial lake & cafetería. Km 12, west of the police control. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 2753449.

On other roads out of Sto. Domingo

Complejo Campestre Santa Rosa.- Situated via Quevedo Km 16, on the shores of the Río Baba. Reservations: Tel. 2754145, Fax: 2754144.

Hosteria Rancho Mi Cuchito.- Located via Chone Km 2. Reservations: Tel. 2750636, Fax: 2755303.

Hosteria Valle Hermoso.- Surrounded with lakes and waterfalls set in 120 ha. Located on the shores of the Rio Blanco, Km 25 on the road to Esmeraldas, south of La Concordia. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 2759095. Address: In Sto. Domingo: Cocaniguas 289.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants

Sheraton.-Av. Abraham Calazacón across the bus station.

Mocambo.- On Tulcán and Machala.

Parrilladas Argentinas.- For barbecues. Situated on the Quevedo road Km 5.

D' Mario.- Grill. Located 1 block southwest of the roundabout for Quito.

La Fuente.- On Ibarra and 3 de Julio.

Tacos Mexicanos.- On Quito Avenue.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Fun

Cerveceria-Salsoteca The Jungle.- Located on Av. Quito across Hotel La Siesta.

Aruba's Disco.- Address: Av. de los Tsáchilas and 29 de Mayo.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators

Cayapatours.- Address: 29 de Mayo and Tulcán. Tel & Fax: 2762933.

Turismo Zaracay.- They Run tours to the Tsáchila community, Fishing, butterfly & birdwatching tours. Address: 29 de Mayo and Cocaniguas. Tel. 2750546, Fax: 2750873.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport

Bus.- To Guayaquil, 4 hours. Ticket value around US$3.50. To Quito, via Alóag 3 hours. Ticket value around US$2.40. To Huaquillas, 7 1/2 hours. Ticket value around US$5.50. To Machala, 6 hours. Ticket value around US$4.70. To Ambato, 4 hours. Ticket value around US$2.80. To Loja, 12 hours. Ticket value around US$12. To Pedernales, 3 hours. Ticket value around US$2.60. To Esmeraldas, 3 hours. Ticket value around US$2.20. To Manta 6 hours. Ticket value around US$5.30. To Bahía de Caráquez, 4 hours. Ticket value around US$4.50.

Note: In Santo Domingo you can get buses going almost everywhere in Ecuador. The bus station is on Av. Abraham Calazacón. Long-distance buses don't enter the city.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest


Western Union For money transfers at Hotel Diana ReaI.

Banco Internacional.- For traveler's checks. On Av. Quito and Rio Blanco.


Andinatel.- Located on Av. Quito between Río Blanco and Río Toachi, 2nd Floor, San Francisco building. Also another branch at the bus station.

Post Office.- Also fax service. Av. de los Tsáchilas and Río Baba.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel The road to the Coast

The main road goes to Esmeraldas, almost 200 km to the northwest. Along the main road to the coast you will pass by Cabañas Don Gaucho with camping, BBQ and swimming. Tel. 2330315. La Concordia,about 50 km from Santo Domingo (the best place to stay in town is Hotel Atos. Reservations: Tel. 2725445). Nearby is La Perla Forest Reserve, around 42 km from Santo Domingo (a 250 ha reserve good for birdwatching, camping, & hiking). Admission fee is US$5.00 per person. About 85 Km from Sto. Domingo is Quinindé (Rosa Zárate) and approximately 45 Km west is The Reserva Biológica Bilsa (a 3000 ha reserve set in tropical wet forests). One of the world's highest biodiversities run by the Jatun Sacha foundation. Contact Tel. in Quito: 2250976, Fax: 2441592.

Just past La Concordia to the east another road goes to Puerto Quito, and Pedro Vicente Maldonado villages. Nearby Puerto Quito 140 Km east is Aldea Salamandra(In Quito: 2449881), a rustic but nice place set on the banks of Río Caoni, where you can go bird watching, swimming in the river, or relaxing. Accommodation is available at Cabañas del Río, Reservations in Quito: 2238712, or 09-9491154. Frequent buses are available from the Quito bus terminal to Puerto Quito, as well as from Sto. Domingo (through Alóag, San Pedrito and Kennedy cooperatives). Arashá Rainforest Resort & Spa (In Quito: 2265757, 2253937). An upmarket lodge located 3 Km outside Pedro Vicente Maldonado at Km 120, and 200m off the road to Puerto Quito. This is a beautiful lodge set in the biodiverse forests of Ecuador with an excellent bird and wildlife amongst other attractions.

On the main Santo Domingo-Quevedo road, At about 45 Km, is the Río Palenque scientific station which contains about 100 ha of primary rainforest, with 1100 plants and over 360 bird species from the area. Their lodge can shelter up to 20 people, a US$5 entry fee is charged for a day visit. Reservations in Guayaquil: Tel. 04-2208680. In Quito: 02-2232468.

Another road from Santo Domingo to the coast goes west to El Carmen (a small village), the same road connects with Pedernales, then the road continues southwest to Chone where you'll find a division, one to Bahía de Caráquez(approximately 205 km from Sto. Domingo) and the other to Portoviejo and Manta (approx. 260 km from Sto. Domingo).

Santo Domingo:
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Ecuador Travel Guide
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