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Guayaquil Fun & Entertainment:
Ecuador Travel Guide Bars & Discos I Entertainment
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Bars & Discos

Guayaquil's nightlife is very exciting along with its large selection of Bars, Discos and Peñas displayed throughout the whole city. The following nightclubs listed below have been the most recommended to us by our bohemian visitors.


Guayaquil nightlifeBohém.- Live shows combined with delicious Japanese food. Address: Ave. Miguel H. Alcivar and Victor Hugo Sicouret, Torres del Norte Building, Tower B, Kennedy Norte. Reservations: 2687-685 - 2687-679.

International Pool.- Several pool tables and good drinks. Address: Victor Emilio Estrada and Las Monjas, Urdesa.

Fuente Alemana Peña Bar.- Address: Victor Emilio Estrada and Jíguas, Urdesa.

Baradero Coffee Concert.- European style Bar-Disco, featuring first class live shows. Address: Boyacá 1415 between Luque and Aguirre. Reservations: 2517-739 - 2518 - 016.

Discos (The average cover charge in most discos is around US $10 to $15).

Suruba.- The best modern and innovative disco in town, with four different ambiences, a main hall, two V.I.P. halls, and a private hall. Address: Ave. Francisco de Orellana 796 and Agustín Cornejo (Parallel to the World Trade Center Building).

Kennedy Mall.- Address: Ave. Francisco de Orellana, in Kennedy Norte district. Reservations: 2682-788 - 2682-787.

Sante.- Address: Ave. Francisco de Orellana, in Kennedy Norte district. Reservations: 2680-865.

Opera.- Address: Calle Pública and Estero Salado (Albán Borja shopping center).

Planeta Azul.- Address: Las Lomas 205 and Victor Emilio Estrada, Urdesa. Reservations: 2388-499.

Jardín de la Salsa.- (free Salsa lessons) Address: Ave. de las Américas. Close to the bus station.

El Garaje.- (older crowd) Located on Ave. de la Américas.

Achumachai.- (older crowd) Located in Albán Borja Mall.

Peñas (Very popular amongst locals, folk and latin music is displayed by groups or a single known performer and also, people from the public is allowed to perform if they wish to).

Equs.- Address: Victor Emilio Estrada 819 and Guayacanes. Reservations: 2382-261.

Café Galería Barricaña.- Address: Victor Manuel Rendón 1026 and 6 de Marzo. Reservations: 2313-383.

El Chalet.- Located in Quisquís 1604 and Carchi. Reservations: 2396-408

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Entertainment

For cinemas, the best are:

Supercines Ríocentro Entreríos.- In Río Centro Shopping Mall. Reservations: 2831230 & 2831234. See Shopping malls.

Cinemark.- In Mall del Sol.

Guayaquil Fun & Entertainment:

Ecuador Travel Guide Bars & Discos I Entertainment

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