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Guayaquil Shopping Malls
Mall del Sol | Malecon 2000 Shopping Center | Policentro Mall | Plaza Triángulo Shopping Center | Other shopping centers

Guayaquil Shopping Malls

Based on the architectural style of North America, Guayaquil has a plethora of great shopping malls. The most recently built shopping center in Guayaquil, as well as the largest of the country and most modern in Latin America is Mall del Sol, with over 250 stores, 2 restaurants, 25 fast food restaurants, 5 banks, an Hiper-Market (Megamaxi), Parks, auto clean car services, parking lot for 2.000 vehicles, souvenir shops, cyber cafés, discos and 9 cinemas.Address: Ave. Juan Tanca Marengo and Joaquín Orrantia. (close to the airport).

Malecón view

The latest Malecón 2000 shopping center (Centro Comercial Malecon) project was inaugurated the 25th of July, 2000. This Mall goes from Villamil Street on the south side up to 10 de Agosto street on the north.

Malecón 2000 shopping center, is one of the most visited by tourists and locals, at the low level you'll find the parking lot for 230 vehicles. On the first floor, there are 4 galleries with 238 stores, and 8 cafeterias with a beautiful front view of the Guayas River. On the terrace, there are 17 restaurants and wide walking areas.

The 238 stores have competitive prices and they are constantly offering promotions and discounts. The wide selection of Restaurants offer a variety of typical food, fast food, Chinese, Colombian and many more.

Malecon Shopping center restaurant

All these places have great views. It is also very important to mention the security and the internal surveillance system inside the Malecón, which is carried out by specialized personnel for security and protection duties. Address: Malecón and Junín Street. Open from 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Policentro Shopping Center

A third major Mall is Policentro, located at the Kennedy residential area, close to Periodista Avenue and Dr. Juan Bautista Arzube Street. Policentro, has over a hundred modern stores including 5 banks, 5 restaurants, cinemas and a Supermarket. Enjoying a cappuccino and a delicious treat, or just sitting down and relaxing is a costume among young Ecuadorians, who frequently visit the modern shopping malls of the city.

Plaza Triángulo Shopping Center, is located in the heart of Urdesa, on Ave. Víctor Emilio Estrada, a nice residential and commercial area of Guayaquil. It is one of the main shopping centers of the city. With over 75 stores, banks, cafeterias, security, private parking, boutiques, jewelry stores, beauty salons, flower shops, etc.

Shopping in Guayaquil

Other Shopping centers include:

Garzocentro 2000.- Located in La Garzota district, on Ave. Guillermo Pareja and Agustín Freire street. This mall has 160 stores including 12 restaurants, Banks, two cinemas, parks and much more.

Unicentro Mall, located near Parque Bolivar at Aguirre and Chimborazo street. Small, but practical for shoppers who have little time to walk around larger complexes. This mall has 80 stores, 2 restaurants, Banks and Casino.

Albán Borja.- Located on Ave. Carlos Julio Arosemena, Km 2.7, with 4 fast food restaurants, 5 banks, a supermarket and 92 stores.

Ríocentro Los Ceibos.- Located on the road to Salinas at Km. 6,1/2. This is one of the most elegant malls of the city.

Ríocentro Entreríos.- With over 60 modern stores. Address: Km. 1.5 via Samborondón.

Plaza Quil.- This mall has 89 stores and 21 offices. Address: Plaza Dañín and Ave. Francisco Boloña, North Kennedy.

Puntilla Mall.- At La Puntilla.

La Rotonda.- Located in Cdla. Alborada, on Ave. Benjamín Carrión and the Third street, with over 40 stores including Banks, restaurants, children games and car services. Open from 09:30 till 20h00.

Plaza Mayor.- With 30 stores and two cinemas. Address: Ave. R. Pareja, in La Alborada district.

Albocentro.-Close to Plaza Mayor in La Aborada district.

Millenniun Gallery.- Located at the World Trade Center. Address: Av. Francisco de Orellana s/n.

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