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Ecuador Travel Guide About Ingapirca | Accommodation & Restaurants | El Tambo | Transport | Book a Tour | Write a review about Ingapirca
Ingapirca ruins, Ecuador
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Ingapirca

Ingapirca (3,200m) is Ecuador's major Inca site, located 1 1/2 kilometers (approx.) away from the village of Ingapirca. The Ingapirca ruins looks like a small fortress. Some archaeologists think that its main elliptical platform structure (usnu), which is called the Temple of the Sun, was used for religious purposes. The structure itself has an outstanding Inca stonework, its doorways and niches designed in a trapezoidal shape are an unmistakable Inca style.

Ingapirca means "Wall of the Inca" and have been occupied by the native Cañari people for some 500 years.

There are some hypothesis and contradictions about the Ingapirca's exact function. Perhaps, Ingapirca was actually a sun temple, a religious center, or a fortress.

There is a small museum close to the entrance with some signs in other languages such as French and English explaining the site. The Inca Ruins are open daily and the admission fee is US$.5.00. Guides are also available for an extra cost.

Excursions around Ingapirca

Cara del Inca (face of the Inca), is a 15 minute walk from the ruins, a vast natural formation in a rock overlooking beautiful scenery. The Ingachugana and the Sillón de Inga (Inca's Chair), a big rock with carved channels.

Baños del Inca, Inca ruins (smaller) located some 1 1/2 km. from the Ingapirca ruins. This is an immense carved rock forming water channels looking over the small Plaza.

In the village of Ingapirca the Indian weekly market is on Fridays, with an interesting craft shop next to it.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation & Restaurants

Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed lodgings, visit our online Hotel reservation form. A BOE specialized agent will be able to process your inquiry immediately for the best and most affordable rates!.

Inti Huasi.- Located at the entrance of the village of Ingapirca. Reservations: Tel. 290767.

Posada Ingapirca.- Located 500 m from the ruins. Reservations: Tel. 07-290670. In Cuenca Tel. 838508, 831120. Fax: 832340.

Posada del Sol.- Located next to Inti Huasi.

El Tambo

Tambo, is another town from which you can access the Inca ruins. Located on the main highway (Panamericana) some 10 km away from Ingapirca. The village offers the following basic alternatives for accommodation:

Pensión Estefanía.- Located on the town's main street. Reservations: Tel. 233126.

Pensión Ingapirca.- Located north end of town, on the main street.

There are several restaurants in town, among them are: Restaurant Jesús del Gran Poder and Restaurant Ingapirca.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport

From the bus terminal in Cuenca Transportes Cañar leaves daily to Ingapirca (2 hours), the ticket cost is around US$1.50. Excursions and taxi tours are also available from Cuenca. Or, you may take a Guayaquil, Quito or Riobamba bus and tell the bus driver to stop in El Tambo.

Once in El Tambo, from the plaza Transportes Ingapirca goes regularly to the Inca ruins. Taxis from El Tambo to Ingapirca are around US$8. From Cañar several direct buses go to Ingapirca as well as taxis and jeeps.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Book a Tour
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In Ingapirca:
Ecuador Travel Guide About Ingapirca | Accommodation & Restaurants | El Tambo | Transport | Book a Tour | Write a review about Ingapirca
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