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Sucumbíos > Nueva Loja (Lago Agrio)
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Nueva Loja (Lago Agrio):
Overview | History | Accommodation | Restaurants | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | Write a review about Lago Agrio
The official name of Lago Agrio is "Nueva Loja" and it's the capital of the province of Sucumbíos. Lago Agrio has about 26,000 inhabitants and is a base point to access the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Besides being an oil town usually frequented by US oil workers from the Texaco oil company, it also has its bars, hotels and restaurants. The town itself is not a tourist place but as mentioned before it is one of the main bases to access the Ecuadorian jungle and the border with Colombia. As in every Ecuadorian town you can find everything you need in the main street (Avenida Quito).
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel History
The name Nueva Loja, was given by the first colonizers from the neighboring province of Loja. The name Lago Agrio comes from the first oil company Sour Lake (US Texaco's Headquarters) which exploited the crude reserves in the Ecuadorian jungle.

Unfortunately, due to these conditions the natural flora and fauna around Lago Agrio is destroyed.

The presence of the oil industry in the Oriente also affected the indigenous population forcing them to stay in other places as well as upsetting their life styles. The main native communities from the region are: The Siona, Secoya and Cofán Indians.

Actually, they live in the surrounding areas and they come to town occasionally for some food supplies and as the "Tsáchilas" in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, you'll seldom see them wearing their traditional dresses.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants
International food is available at the best hotels.

Mi Cuchita.- Typical food. Located next to El Cofán hotel.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators
The agencies listed below offer tours to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve or, you may book in advance through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form.

Cuyabeno Tours.- Address: Quito and Gonzanamá. Reservations: Tel. 06-831737.

Magic RiverTours.- Address: 18 de Noviembre and Guayaquil. Reservations: Tel. 06-831003.

Native Life.- Address: Venezuela and 23 de Septiembre. Reservations: cellular 09-9210858.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport

Bus service is available to Quito, 10 to 11 hours. Ticket value around US$8.00. To Coca, 3 hours. To Tena, 9 hours. Ticket value around US$9.00 and To Baeza, 7 hours.

Air (5 km southeast of the center)

TAME.- Frequent flights to Quito, ticket value US$55 (one way).
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest
Cámara de Turismo de Sucumbíos.- Address: Av. Quito between Colombia and Gonzanamá. Tel. 09-9848248.

The Colombian consulate.- Located at the north on Av. Quito (2nd Floor). Tel. 830084.

Medical help

Clínica González.- Address: Av. Quito and 12 de Febrero. Tel. 830728 - 831691.

Food supplies.- Comercial Calvopeña.


Credit cards are only accepted in the best hotels. Traveler's checks are difficult to negotiate in the region. You can try with the hotel El Cofán at a low rate though.
Nueva Loja (Lago Agrio):
Overview | History | Accommodation | Restaurants | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | Write a review about Lago Agrio
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