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In Latacunga:
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Bars | Festivals | Shopping | Tour operators | Latacunga to Zumbahua | Transport | General information | Write a review about Latacunga
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Overview
Latacunga (2,850m) is the capital of the Cotopaxi Province, with some 55,000 inhabitants. This is not an invigorating town, but it is a good base point for some interesting excursions such as the Cotopaxi volcano.

The city has been destroyed three times in the past by the Cotopaxi volcano. In 1,742; 1,768 and in 1877. The volcano's activity is zero at the moment and other eruptions are not expected for at least some decades more.

In Latacunga the central plaza, Parque Vicente León, has beautiful well preserved gardens. Others similar to this one are Parque San Francisco and La Laguna known also as "Lago Flores".

At Sánchez de Orellana and Abel Echeverría is the Casa de los Marqueses de Miraflores, which is set inside a beautiful colonial mansion. Each room of this fine mansion is a small museum which has different exhibits of Colonial art, the Mama Negra festivities, archaeology, etc. It is worth a visit.

Casa de la Cultura (Antonia Vela 3-49 and Padre Salcedo) houses a very interesting museum with weavings, pre-Colombian artifacts, ceramics and other exhibits as well as a theater and an art gallery. It also hosts the city's main festivals and concerts.

Other museums can be found at Escuela Isidro Ayora (Sánchez de Orellana and Tarqui) and at the Cathedral.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation
Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed lodgings, visit our online Hotel reservation form. A BOE specialized agent will be able to process your inquiry immediately for the best and most affordable accommodation rates!.

El Marquez.- Address: Roosevelt and Marquéz de Maenza, in La Laguna district. Reservations: Tel. 811150, Fax: 912334.

Rodelú.- Address: Quito 16-31. Reservations: Tel. 800956, Fax: 812341.

EI Alamo.- Address: 2 de Mayo 8-01 and Echeverría. Reservations: Tel. 812043.

Rosim.- Address: Quito 16-49. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 800853.

Cotopaxi.- Address: Padre Salcedo 5-61 at Parque Vicente León. Reservations: Tel. 801310.

Estambul.- Address: Belisario Quevedo 6-46 and Padre Salcedo. Reservations: Tel. 800354.

Central.- Address: Sánchez de Orellana and Padre Salcedo. Reservations: Tel. 802912.

Tilipulo.- Address: Guayaquil and Belisario Quevedo. Reservations: Tel. 810611.

Hostal Quilotoa.- Address: No 78A-17. Reservations: Tel. 801866, Fax: 802090.

Santiago.- Address: 2 de Mayo and Guayaquil. Reservations: Tel. 802164.

Llacta Cunga.- Address: No 79-213. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 811461.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants
The local specialty in Latacunga is the "chugchucaras", skin pork with corn, fried green bananas, popcorn, potatoes and small portions of roast pork. Allullas con queso de hoja (biscuits with string cheese) is another specialty of the region.

La Borgoña.-
Ecuadorian food. Address: Valencia 41-40.

Los Copihues.- International menu. Address: Quito 14-25 and Tarqui.

Finca Parador Don Diego.- Trout, chicken & steak. Located south of the train station and the bridge "Rumipamba" on the Panamericana.

Parrilladas El Coyote.- Grill. Located in Hotel El Marquéz. Tel. 812246.

Chifa China.- Chinese. Address: Antonia Vela 6-85 and 5 de Junio.

Pizzería Buon Giorno.- Pizzas and lasagne. Address: Sánchez de Orellana and General Maldonado.

Pizzeria Los Sabores de Italia.- Italian dishes. Address: Padre Salcedo, opposite the main park.

La Gaviota.- Seafood. Address: Pastaza 2-56 and Av. Amazonas.

Cafetería El Pasaje.- Snacks & burgers. Address: Padre Salcedo 4-50, on the pedestrian mall.

El Porteño.- Seafood. Address: Sánchez de Orellana and General Maldonado, close to the main park.

EI Mashca.- Chicken. Address: Valencia 41-54.

Chifa Fortuna.- Chinese. Address: Antonia Vela 6-91.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Bars & Discos
Kahlúa.- Bar. Address: Padre Salcedo 4-50, on the pedestrian mall.

Galaxy.- Varied music. Address: Located on a hill to the east of the center in Barrio EI Calvario.

Beer Center.- Young crowd. Address: Sánchez de Orellana 74-20.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Festivals
Fiesta de la Mama Negra
Latacunga main celebration is in homage to the "Virgen de las Mercedes". The "Fiesta de la Mama Negra" is held on the 23rd and 24th of September, with street dancing, costumes, fireworks, local music and processions. This is a very colorful and renowned celebration in the region that is well worth seeing. Other celebrations in Latagunga are: Fiesta de la Provincia (April 1), Día de la Cultura (August 9) and Fiesta de Latacunga (November 11).
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Shopping
Las Orquídeas.- Varied craft selection. Address: Belisario Quevedo 6-08 and Padre Salcedo.

La Mama Negra.- Address: Padre Salcedo 4-43, on the pedestrian mall.

Azul.- Bronze, wooden items and ceramics. Address: Padre Salcedo 4-14, on the pedestrian mall.

Markets There is a weekly market on Saturdays at Juan Abel Echeverría street, on the Plaza San Sebastián. Crafts for sale including "shigras" (small string bags).

Supermarkets Aki.- Food supply. Located on Av. Rumiñahui and Unidad Nacional.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators
Most of the local agencies listed below sale trips to the Cotopaxi and Quilotoa volcano. Or, book in advance through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form.

Metropolitan Touring.- Address: Guayaquil and Quito. Tel. 802985.

Expediciones Amazónicas.- Address: Quito 16-67 and Padre Salcedo. Tel. 800375.

Montaña Expediciones.- Address: Quito 73-99 and Guayaquil. Tel. 800227.

Ruta de los Volcanes.- Address: Quito opposite main park. Tel. 812452.

Neiges, Cotopaxi Mashca´s Tour.- Address: Guayaquil and Dos de Mayo (Colonial Quito). Tel & Fax: 2811199.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Latacunga to Zumbahua
Along the road to Zumbahua to the west is Pujilí with a market on Sundays and some local ceramic work. The village traditional festivities are on November 2, known as the Corpus Christicelebrations with dancers parade, masks and colorful costumes. 57 km farther west is Zumbahua, a small village with very few basic accommodation.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport

Frequent buses are available from the bus terminal. The bus station has shops, a restaurant, a bakery and a cafeteria. Additionally, there is a municipal tourist information office on the second floor. Buses to Guayaquil, Quito, Ambato, Quevedo and all regional destinations leave from the bus terminal. Also, from Av. Eloy Alfaro, 4 blocks from the terminal, you can get Long distance buses which do not enter to the bus station.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General information

Andinatel.- Located at Belisario Quevedo and Maldonado.

Post Office.- Located next to Andinatel.

Internet (Prices around US$1.80 per hour)

Internet.- Address: Padre Salcedo and Quito, in the pedestrian mall.

Accomp.- Address: Padre Salcedo and Belisario Quevedo.

A J Cyber Café.- Address: General Maldonado 5-26 and Quito, 2nd floor.

Medical help

Medical facilities available at the southern end of Amazonas and Hnos. Páez.
In Latacunga:
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Bars | Festivals | Shopping | Tour operators | Latacunga to Zumbahua | Transport | General information | Write a review about Latacunga
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