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The town of Macas has some 30,000 inhabitants. It lies south of the Rio Pastaza and is the capital of the Morona-Santiago Province. The area is less tourist developed than most Provinces in Ecuador and enjoys a quietness despite the important commercial and developing role that it plays in the Oriente.

The surrounding virgin area has also been well protected by the Shuar and Achuar people who live in Macas as a result of strong confrontations to any major capitalists such as petroleum companies who wish to make a buck out of nature and are always greeted with no-nonsense attitudes with respect to preservation.

Tourism has also been boosted in the area as a result of the 1998 peace treaty between Peru and Ecuador. Currently you may enter the city via a road north to Puyo by crossing Rio Pastaza through two bridges but the bridges are not recommended for large vehicles, many take a bus that meets travelers at both ends.

The history of Macas is very interesting and has a 400 year history dating back as an outpost for Missionaries as well as facilitating heavy Spanish trading.

Far in the distance you can often see the smoking snowcapped Sangay volcano that is very active, while at night you can view a reddish halo that exudes from inside the crater. The Volcano is the 7th largest in Ecuador and is currently one of the more active world volcanoes and sits at an elevation of 5250 m.

The new Modern Cathedral of Macas was completed a decade ago (1992) along with its highly decorated stained windows is also home to the painting of the Virgen de Macas also known as "La Purísima de Macas" of 1592. The Cathedral was actually constructed to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of the Virgen who's painting is said to have undergone mysterious changes around this time, depictions of the story are told through the different stained glass windows for a fuller report.

At the back of the Cathedral you can view the Rio Upano valley and streams that is also ideal for bird watching. After viewing this valley you can easily visit the rest of the town by foot. Also worth a visit is a small exhibit at the west end of Juan de la Cruz in the Centro de Interpretación that informs you more on the Parque Nacional Sangay.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants
La Randipampa.- Cuban. Address: 24 de Mayo (on Parque Central).

Chifa Pagoda China.- Chinese. Address: Amazonas and Domingo Comín.

Los Helechos.- Address: Soasti between Cuenca and Sucre.

Address: 10 de Agosto and Loja.

Café El Jardín.- Address: Amazonas and Domingo Comín.

Super Pollo.- Address: 10 de Agosto and Guamote.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Bars & Discos

Varied music. On Tarqui street.

Acuario.-Varied music. Address: Tarqui and Amazonas.

Luna Azul.-
Live music. Address: Amazonas and Riobamba
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators
Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance through any of the below listed tour operators in Macas for jungle, White-water rafting, Sangay National Park excursions, Canoe trips or Hiking tours. Direct reservations are available through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will direct your inquiry and search for the best and most affordable tours and rates!.

Ikiaam.- Sangay National Park & Jungle tours. Address: 10 de Agosto, 2nd floor, opposite the bus station. Tel. 07-700457.

Winia Sunka.- Address: Amazonas and Pasaje Turístico (opposite Hotel Peñón del Oriente). Tel & Fax: 07-700088.

White-water rafting. Address: Amazonas and Quito. (See River rafting).

Aventura Tsunki Touring.- Canoe trips & Hiking tours. Address: Amazonas and Domingo Comín. Tel & Fax: 07-700464.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport

Frequent flights to/from Quito on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Frequent bus service to Cuenca (Turismo Oriental and Transportes Sucúa), 12 hours, the ticket costs around US$8.00. To Sucua (1 hour). To Puyo (Macas and San Francisco cooperatives), 6 hours.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest

Banco del Austro.-
Visa. Address: 24 de Mayo and 10 de Agosto.


Address: 24 de Mayo and Sucre. Fax: 07-700110.

Post Office.- Address: 9 de Octubre and Domingo Comín.
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Bars & Discos | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | Tours from Macas | Native guides | Jungle lodges | Parque Nacional Sangay | Write a review about Macas
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