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Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Entertainment | Bars & Discos | Shopping | Transport | General interest | Write a review about Machala
Machala, is a good stopping point on the way to Huaquillas at the Peruvian border. Hotels are mainly found in the center of the city. Machala itself is a very busy and commercial city known for its shrimp and banana production. The most attractive sights from Machala are: Puerto Bolivar and the Jambelíislands.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation
Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed lodgings, visit our online Hotel reservation form. A BOE specialized agent will be able to process your inquiry immediately for the best and most affordable accommodation rates!.

Oro Verde.- Address: Circunvalación Norte, Urbanización Unioro. Reservations: Tel. 07-933140, Fax: 07-933150.

Rizzo.- Address: Guayas and Bolivar. Reservations: Tel. 07-921906, Fax: 07-921502.

Marsella.- Address: Av. Las Palmeras and 9 de Octubre. Reservations: Tel. 07-932460.

Oro.- Address: Olmedo and Juan Montalvo. Reservations: Tel. 07-930032, Fax: 07-937569.

Address: Guayas and Olmedo. Reservations: Tel. 07-933104, Fax: 07-931901.

Address: Sucre and 9 de Mayo. Reservations: Tel. 07-933992, Fax: 07-933987.

Araujo.- Address: 9 de Mayo and Boyacá. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 07-935257.

Inés.- Address: Montalvo 1509 and Pasaje. Reservations: Tel. 07-922301, Fax: 07-932301.

Perla del Pacífico.- Address: Sucre 603 and Páez. Reservations: Tel. 07-930915.

San Francisco.- Address: Tarqui between Sucre and Olmedo. Reservations: Tel. 07-930915.

Short budget?

Residencial Internacional.- Address: Guayas and Sucre. Reservations: Tel. 07-930244.

Hostal La Bahía.- Address: Olmedo and Junín. Reservations: Tel. 07-920581.Residencial Pesantes.- Address: 9 de Mayo and Pasaje. Reservations: Tel. 07-920154.

Hostal Patty.- Address: Boyacá 619 and Ayacucho. Reservations: Tel. 07-931759.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants
200 Millas.- Seafood. Address: 9 de Octubre between Santa Rosa and Vela.

Don Angelo.- A la carte. Address: 9 de Mayo by the main plaza.

Copa Cabana.- Snack Bar. Located on the main plaza.

Parrillada Sabor Latino.- Steaks & grill. Address: Sucre and Guayas.

Chifa Central.- Chinese. Address: Tarqui and 9 de Octubre.

Chifa Gran Oriental.- Varied menu. Address: 9 de Octubre between Guayas and Ayacucho.

Las Redes.- Seafood. Address: 9 de Mayo 18-23 and Bolívar.

Aquí es Correita.- Seafood. Address: Av. Arizaga and 9 de Mayo.

La Fogata.- Chicken specialties. Address: Av. Las Palmeras close to the telephone office.

Meson Hispano.- Grill. Address: Av. Las Palmeras and Sucre.

Palacio Real.- Set meals. Address: 9 de Octubre and Ayacucho.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Entertainment
The best cinemas are:

Unioro.- In Ubanización Unioro

El Tauro.- In Ubanización Unioro
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Bars & Discos
Machala has several discos. The best are:

La Contradicción.- Varied music. Address: Av. Las Palmeras and Callejón 12.

La Ego.- Young crowd. Address: Tarqui and Rocafuerte.

Twister Club.-
Older crowd. Address: Av. Paquisha Km 1/2.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Shopping

Mi Comisariato.- Food supplies. Located on Circunvalación Norte, at the Unioro Shopping Mall.

Unico.- Food supplies. Address: Bolivar and 9 de Mayo.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport

TAME.- Frequent flights to/from Guayaquil which connects to Quito. Address: Juan Montalvo and Bolivar. Reservations: Tel. 07-930139.


To Guayaquil

Orotaxis.- Frequent scheduled taxi service. Orotaxis leave from the Hotel Rizzo to Guayaquil. Tel. 07-934332.


Machala doesn't have a bus station (Terminal Terrestre). All the bus cooperatives have their own small station and offices in the center of the city.

To Guayaquil

Rutas Orenses
Address: 9 de Octubre and Tarqui.

Ecuatoriano Pullman.- Address: Colón and 9 de Octubre, 4 hours, ticket value around US$4.20.

CIFA.- Address: 9 de Octubre and Tarqui.

To Quito

Address: Colón and Bolivar, 10-11 hours, ticket value around US$ 11.

Occidental.- Address: Buenavista between Sucre and Olmedo, 12-13 hours, ticket value around US$8.00.

To Cuenca (Trans Azuay. Address: Sucre and Junín), 4 hours, ticket value around US$4.20. To Huaquillas (CIFA. Address: Bolivar and Guayas & Ecuatoriano Pullman. Address: Colón and 9 de Octubre), 1 hour, ticket value around US$1.50. To Esmeraldas (Occidental), 11 hours, ticket value around US$7. To Loja (Transportes Loja. Address: Tarqui and Bolívar), 7 hours, ticket value around US$4.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest
Ministerio de Turismo.- Address: 9 de Mayo and Pichincha. Tel. 07-932106.


Banco del Pacífico.-
Mastercard & Travelers' checks. Address: Rocafuerte and Junín.

Banco de Guayaquil.-
Visa. Address: Rocafuerte and Guayas.

Banco Machala.- Visa & ATMs. Address: Rocafuerte and 9 de Mayo.

Banco del Austro.- Visa. Address: Rocafuerte and Guayas.


Address: Av. las Palmeras close to the stadium.

Post Office.-
Address: Bolívar and Montalvo.

(Prices around US$1.80 per hour)

Oro Net.-
Address: 9 de Octubre and Buenavista.

Ciber Yogurt.-
Address: 9 de Mayo and Pichincha

Aquinet.- Address: 9 de Octubre and Santa Rosa

Embassies and consulates

Peruvian Consulate.-
Address: CoIón and Bolívar, 1st Floor. Tel. 07-930680.

Tour operators

La Moneda Tours.- Archaeological & regional tours. Address: Rocafuerte 518 between Junín and Tarqui. Tel. 07-562230.

Address: Bolivar 924 and Guayas. Tel. 07-931557.

Address: Bolivar 513 and Guayas. Tel. 07-937670.
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Entertainment | Bars & Discos | Shopping | Transport | General interest | Write a review about Machala
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