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Malecón 2000
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Malecon pictures Strolling  down Malecon 2000Santa Ana hill avenueSanta Ana hillMalecon 2000 GuayaquilSanta Ana Hill - Tower's top spot Malecon 2000 view
Malecón 2000 is the jewel in the crown of Guayaquil which is solely for pedestrians. Safe, protected and guarded by the police force. This waterfront is home to hundreds of cafés, bars, monuments and a string of shops including a shopping mall (Centro Comercial Malecon). See Guayaquil shopping malls Running parallel to the Guayas river (Río Guayas) is Malecón Simón Bolivar Avenue, known by the locals as "El Malecón", a wide street filled with trees. In the evenings, this avenue is lined with horses and carriages for tourists with rides spanning the whole length of the promenade.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Malecon 2000
Taking a walk through the Guayas river banks is an excellent recreational alternative for every single traveler. The restored and modern Malecón, North to South, offers the tourists a variety of attractions. The walk through the renovated Pier is also a pleasant experience for all ages.

From the sector of the old Mercado Sur up to Loja Street, it takes approximately three to five hours, allowing for time taken for a snack, playing with the children, reading, listening to music, shopping, taking pictures around the majestic Guayas River and many other alternatives. South to North, the starting point of the journey is at the Handmade Market, located in the streets Febres Cordero and Sargento Vargas (today transformed into a relaxing park), where you can buy embroidered suits or fabrics, wooden decorations, tagua or marble, leather articles and imitation jewelry coming from diverse parts of the country and from Peru. The prices vary from 1 to 80 dollars.

A short stride away you will find the recently reconstructed Mercado Sur that looks like a glass estate where several events take place for the city's celebrations. If you like to go shopping, Centro Comercial Malecon Shopping Center (from Villamil to Sucre) has more than 230 stores in its four galleries, among boutiques, perfumery, jeweler's, footwear stores, memories and appliances.

After shopping, you can combine the journey along the Malecón 2000 enjoying an "empanada", sandwich, dessert, lunch or a cocktail in the "Patio restaurants" on Villamil Street or at the bar-restaurant Sofieri, both open from 09h30 till 22h00.
Moorish Tower or Public Clock and Municipality

An encounter with South American roots and view into the continent's historical past is possible through the monuments that parade along the Pier. Featuring within these monuments are: The José Joaquín de Olmedo bust, poet and first mayor of Guayaquil, in Olmedo street (dates of 1892); the Moorish Tower or Public Clock, inaugurated in August 10, of 1931 standing out over the buildings of that time such as the Municipality and Government; though it has undergone much reconstruction over time. Visitors may ascend the tower via spiral staircases.

Opposite the Moorish Tower you can also view the Palacio Municipal painted gray, considered the most attractive architectural work of Ecuador. Located just in front of the Malecón. Next to Palacio Municipal is the Palacio de Gobierno. See also Guayaquil museums, and churches.
La Rotonda

La Rotonda
, right on 9 de Octubre Avenue, which reminds the viewer of the encounter between the liberators San Martin and Simón Bolívar in 1822. This monument is suitably bathed in spotlights at night and is very impressionable to the eye. Bolivar was the infamous Venezuelan liberator who brought freedom to Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador including his own country from the Spanish colonialists while San Martin was the Argentinean equivalent freeing Peru and Chile also from these ex- Spanish rulers. You will also find other monuments that depict elements such as earth, water, air and fire, located between 10 de Agosto and 9 de Octubre Avenue.

The games for children are near the streets Sucre and in P. Icaza; the skating rink is in P. Icaza and the area of exercises (rings, ends, abdominal, chest flexing, bars) is located from Junín until Orellana street (called also Luzárraga).
Malecón Gardens

If you prefer silence to read, meditate or quiet conversation, the most appropriate area is among Imbabura until Juan Montalvo Street, where you will find the gardens and the lagoon representing the old tidelands of Morillo and Lázaro that use to flow on to Roca Street. From Orellana Street you will see the Pre-Columbian Squares (Plazas) with a pond, a circular jetty where one can converse and a representation of the solar calendar that Ecuadorian ancestors used in the past; Neoclassicist and Manteña balsa wood.

The plants are grouped for their foliation; as well as newly introduced species of Madagascar, Japan, India, Africa and Mexico which are also well appreciated in addition to plants such as mango, red marañón, ceibo and acacia.

From the terrace House of Machines (Tomás Martínez) you can appreciate better the splendor of these gardens as well as an outstanding view of the majestic Guayas River. The beauty of the plants and the lagoon gives such harmony and peace to any tourist.

At night, eight bars, coffees and restaurants delight with music and cocktails for the tourists; also, the Anthropological Museum and Contemporary Art platform (on Loja Street) is great for all type of concerts.

The journey culminates here but, if you prefer, this could be the starting point for another journey to the Santa Ana hill, where the city of Guayaquil was born.
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Malecón 2000
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