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Manta Ecuador
Manta is a major commercial and holiday resort center and is the second major Port of the country behind Guayaquil. The evenings see a hive of activity of partying people, loud music and meandering cars that form around the nearby side streets and main frontage of the Malecón that arcs around the bay. Bathed in constant fresh winds the Malecón is always a pleasant area to walk in the evening and most refreshing in the night breezes.

Since 1999 Manta has been used as a military location for U.S. Air forces in unison with Ecuador's in strategic warfare against Colombian drug traffic cartels through surveillance flights as well as being used as a geographical look out point for the U.S.A for any war crafts heading north from the Middle East and Asia.

One famous episode in Manta history occurred when a Boeing 707 carrying cargo crashed into the town's wooden church in 1996 although it was reported that amazingly the statue of the virgin remained intact.

A bridge on the eastern side of Rio Manta connects Manta with Tarqui which is the popular beach over the weekends. There is one museum of interest, Banco Central museum (Avenida 8 and Calle 7) at the back of the Bus terminal which displays ceramics from the Huancavilca-Manteño culture. During weekends locals flock to the main and recently refurbished Playa Murciélago area of the Malecón. The seafood here is excellent as well as the music, beach aerobics, parties and general night life ambiance. On your way out of town you'll also find a new shopping mall called Paseo Shopping center (on Avenida 4 de Noviembre).
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants
Restaurant Riviera.- Italian. Address: Calle 20 and Av. 12.

Club Ejecutivo.- Address: Av. 2 and Calle 12 (Banco del Pichincha building).

Restaurante Mexicano.- Mexican. Address: Malecón and Calle 15.

Paraná.- Seafood. Address: Calle 17 and Malecón (close to the port).

Guen Roku.- International. Address: Malecón and Calle 16.

Mima.- Seafood. Address: Calle 104 and Malecón.

Shamu.- Set meals. Address: Calle 11 No 1-12.

There are several other restaurants on the Tarqui beach.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport
Car hire

Avis.- Address: Calle Flavio Reyes and Calle 21. Tel. 05-628512.

Long distance > Air (The airport "Eloy AIfaro" is in Tarqui)

TAME.- Frequent flights to Quito.

Bus (The bus station is behind the central bank building)

Frequent bus service to Guayaquil (4 1/2 hours), ticket value around US$5.00. To Quito (about 10 hours), ticket value around US$7.00. To Portoviejo (1 hour), ticket value around US$1.00. To Jipijapa (1 hour), ticket value around US$1.30. To Bahía de Caráquez (about 3 1/2 hours), ticket value around US$2.50. To Esmeraldas (8 1/2 hours), ticket value around US$7.20. To Santo Domingo (5 hours), ticket value around US$6.20.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest

Cambicruz.- Address: Av. 2 No 11-22. Tel. 05-622235.

Casa de Cambio Zanchi.- Address: Av. 2 No 11-28. Tel. 05-613857.


Banco del Pacífico.- Travelers' checks & Mastercard.


Pacifictel.- Address: Malecón close to Calle 11.

Post Office.- Located above Banco del Pichincha.

Tour operators
Metropolitan Touring.- Address: Av. 3 No 11-49.

Ecuadorian Tours.- Address: Av. 2 and Calle 13.

Useful addresses

Immigration.- Address: Av. 4 de Noviembre and J-1 (at the police station).

Ministerio de Turismo.- Address: Pasaje José María Egas, Avenida 3 and Calle 11. Tel. 05-622944.
Ecuador Travel Guide Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Transport I General interest | Spanish Schools | Write a review about Manta | Manta Travelers' Feedback
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