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Accommodation | Restaurants | Bars & Discos | Transport | General interest | Excursions | Write a review about Playas
Salinas and Playas can be reached along the coastal highway from Guayaquil. On kilometer 62 at "El Progreso" (Gómez Rendón), the road divides. One branch goes to Salinas within the Península de Santa Elena and the other to Playas, which is 30km from El Progreso. Playas is a famous getaway beach resort for city dwellers, also known as General Villamil on local maps. It is also infamous as a major fishing village and as the fleets of fishing vessels returns it is plagued with pelicans and frigate birds who pray around the area for loose scraps and leftovers.

Many locals also have their own beach homes located here in addition to several hotels, restaurants and bars. Peak time in holiday season is from December to April. There are also several showers, toilets and rooms for changing into bathing costumes along the beach, with fresh water, at moderate costs for rental, you may also use the area for good surfing with several major points for embarking on your chosen surf although be careful at weekends as overcrowding in the water can be dangerous as surfers crisscross in front of more experienced surfers. The whole area is encompassed by a recently improved Malecón through additional tree lined roads and grassed areas.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation
Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed lodgings, visit our online Hotel reservation form. A BOE specialized agent will be able to process your inquiry immediately for the best and most affordable accommodation rates!.

Hostería Bellavista.- Suites, Rooms or bungalows on the beach. Located at Km 2 along the Data Highway. Reservations: Tel. 2760600.

Hostería El Tucán.- Located southeast of the center on Km 1.3. Reservations: Tel. 2760866.

Short budget?

Hostería La Gaviota.- Located along the Data road. Reservations: Tel. 2760133.

Hostería Los Patios.- Located on Km 1 1/2 on the Data Highway. Reservations: Tel. 2760327.

EI Delfín.- Located at Km 1.5. on the beach. Reservations: Tel. 2760125.

Playas.- Located on the Malecón. Reservations: Tel. 2760121.

El Galeón.- Located beside the church. Reservations: Tel. 2760270.

Hotel Rey David.- On the beach. Reservations: 2760024.

Parasoles.- Address: Principal and Alfonso Jurado. Reservations: Tel. 2760532.

Miraglia.- Popular amongst surfers. Reservations: Tel. 2760154.

Hostería Costa Verde.- Good meals. Reservations: Tel. 2760645.

La Terraza.- Address: Paquisha and Guayaquil in the center of Playas. Reservations: Tel. 2760430.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants

Los Ajos.- Varied menu. Located at the street end from the plaza.

Mario's.- For good yoghourt & hamburgers. Located at the central plaza (opposite Banco de Guayaquil).

Cabaña Típica Good set meals. Located next to Rey David hotel.

The biggest black conchas and oysters are served at the kiosks located in a side road down from La Costa Verde. Impressive.

Beach cafés

Cecilia's at No 7

Barzola at No 9.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Bars & Discos

Peña de Arturo.- Located opposite Villamil bus station.

Mr. Frog.- Located opposite Miraglia.

Motivos.- Located on the Malecón, at the south end.

Also, other popular places are: La Cabaña Típica and El Loco Molino.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport
There is a frequent bus service to Guayaquil through Transportes Villamil and Transportes Posorja (US$ 1.80, 1 1/2 hours). To Posorja (A small fishing village nearby) through Transportes 9 de Marzo (US$ 1.00, 35 minutes). To go to Santa Elena, take one of the buses previously mentioned to Guayaquil and ask the driver to drop you off in El Progreso, from here take a CICA, or a CLP bus to go to Santa Elena, Libertad, or Salinas.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest

Banco de Guayaquil.- For Mastercard, Visa, Traveler's checks & ATMs.


Pacifictel.- Located on Av. Jaime Roldós Aguilera (1 km west of town).

Post Office.- On Av. Asisclo G. Garay and 15 de Agosto. Good service.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Excursions from Playas
Punta Pelada is located northwest from Playas, an isolated long beach great for surfing and worth visiting. An interesting stroll is to El Morro, a village with a large wooden old church with an outstanding appearance, surrounded by mysterious rock formations. To get there also, take a truck or camioneta on Avenida Guayaquil and Avenida Paquisha.

From the village of El Morro some 4 km further on the same road is Puerto del Morro, with a huge mangrove estuary, where you can rent a boat to visit the mangroves (Dolphins have been seen here) for about 3 1/2 hours (US$30).

Further up the coast is Engabao, where you'll see a group of isolated beaches and fishing boats along the road with many surfing places. You can hire a truck from Av. Guayaquil and Paquisha to get there in a 35 minute ride.

Tours and excursions around Playas can be booked in advance through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form.

Accommodation | Restaurants | Bars & Discos | Transport | General interest | Excursions | Write a review about Playas
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