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Puerto López:
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Shopping | Tour operators | Transport | Write a review about Puerto Lopez
Fisher men in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
Puerto López is a pleasant small fishing village set in a arched bay, with some 16,000 inhabitants. Towards the north of the beach is very nice and clean, away from the fleet of fishing boats. This is the nearest town from where you can visit the Machalilla National Park.

Many tourists come to Puerto López between June and September for whale watching tours, though this is not the nearest location to do so. But, is a cheap option to the Galápagos islands. There is snorkeling and many other things to do in the Machalilla National Park.

More information about Parque Nacional Machalilla is found at Eloy Alfaro and García Moreno streets. Unfortunately Puerto López has not yet been fully developed for tourists. Note: Whales can be seen from many other locations in Ecuador in shorter trips and with much better conditions. See under Salinas.

The specialty of the region is "Corviche caliente" (dough made of flour and banana, stuffed with salty fish), a local delicacy served hot.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation

Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed hotels, hostels, motels, or bed and breakfasts in Puerto Lopez for either a high standing or affordable place to stay during Holidays or vacations. By filling in our online Hotel reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will be able to search for the best and most affordable accommodation rates. Save time and money and take advantage of immediate discounted hotel rates!.

La Terraza.- Apartments overlooking the bay. Located north on a hill behind the clinic. Reservations: Tel. 05-604235.

Manta Raya Lodge.- With restaurant and swimming pool. Located some 2 1/2 kilometers away from town. Reservations: Tel. 2447190, in Quito.

Hostal Turismar.- Comfortable rooms. Located on Malecón Sur. Reservations: Tel. 05-604174.

Hostal Tuzco.- Located some 600 m inland behind the market. Reservations: Tel. 05-604132/05-604120.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants

Spondylus.- Set meals. Located on the Malecón next to Exploratur.

Carmita.- Seafood. Located on the Malecón.

Mayflower.-Seafood. Located next to Carmita.

Flipper.- Good set meals. Located next to the bus stop.

The Whale Café (La Ballena).- Pizza and breakfasts. Located on Malecón Sur and Julio Izurieta.

Viña del Mar.- Good local dishes. Located on the Malecón.

Soda Bar Danny.- Set meals.

La Luna.- Coffee place. Located close to Hostal Tuzco.

Bellitalia.- Italian specialties. Located between the Malecón and the main road.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Shopping
For handicrafts visit the Yaguarundi shop, which is managed by women selling tagua (vegetable ivory), pottery and baskets.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators

Most tour operators offer whale-watching tours, snorkeling and Isla de la Plata excursions. The Park's fee is not included. There are several other operators "cheaters" on this business so, make sure you deal with the ones recommended by other tourists or, the ones listed below. Also, never pay everything up front and always ask for a receipt.

To avoid unnecessary stress, it is always recommended to book for whale-watching tours, snorkeling or excursions around Isla de la Plata in advance through any of the tour operators listed below or, through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form.

Tour operators in Puerto Lopes, include:

Manta Raya.- Diving and fishing with all inclusive. Located on the Malecón Norte. Tel. 05-604233.

Machalilla Tours.- They also offer horse riding tours in the Machalilla National Park. Located on the main road. Tel. 05-604206.

Exploratur.- With 8-12 person boats and PADI divemasters. Located next to the Spondylus restaurant (on Malecón Central). Tel. 05-604123.

Sercapez.- Museums, Isla de la Plata, Los Frailes and others. All inclusive. On General Córdova. Tel. 05-604173.

Ecuador Amazing.- Located on General Córdova street. Tel. 02-2542888 in Quito.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport


There is a frequent bus service to and from Quito (US$12, 11 hours). To Guayaquil (3 1/2 hours, US$3) with Coactur, Reina del Camino and Rutas Portovejenses. To Manta with CITM (2 hours, US$2). To Portoviejo (1 hour). To Manglaralto (1 1/2 hours, US$2).
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Salango

Salango, is a village located nearby that is worth visiting for its museum The Presley Norton archaeological museum, which houses several interesting artefacts and exhibits. It is located on the town's plaza. Admission fee US$2.


El Pelícano.- Seafood and vegetarian. Located behind the church.

El Delfín Mágico.- Sea food specialties. Located close to the museum.


There is a frequent bus service to and from Puerto López (US$0.80, 15 minutes).

Puerto López:
Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Shopping | Tour operators | Transport | Write a review about Puerto Lopez
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