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Machalilla National Park
Overview | Accommodation | Los Frailes | Agua Blanca | San Sebastián | Isla de la Plata | Puerto Cayo | Book a Tour | Write a review about Machalilla National Park
Route of the Sun Photo GalleryPuerto López beachPuerto Cayo sunsetPuerto Cayo beach SunsetLos Frailes BeachLa Plata Island
This park as well as being the country's only coastal park extends to over 60,000 hectares, with some 20,000 hectares of ocean area which includes several islands, such as Isla Salango, Isla de la Plata and Los Frailes beach line (see separately below), with the other 40,000 hectares consisting of onshore cloud and tropical dry forest. The latter area is also an important archeological site predating back to the Chorrera and Salango cultures of 1500-500BC and 3000 BC respectively as well as pre-Inca ruins.
Los Frailes beach in Machalilla National Park
© Picture by Kleintours

The climate tends to be very humid and sticky with high levels of sunlight throughout December to May with proliferating cooler climates and cloud coverage from June to November. The onshore majority portion of land is divided into three main areas including the main town and houses reptiles, an abundance of bird life and various mammals.

Entrance fee

Ocean trips and Land-based trips, are both included within the park's fee. From July to September the entrance fee is around US$25, and US$20, from October to June, for both, the mainland section and Isla de la Plata. A US$20 fee is applied from July to September for the mainland section only. From October to June is US$15. The fee should be paid at the park's office, which is located in Puerto López (next to the market). Also, it can be paid to the park rangers (ask for a receipt and a 6 day pass). Children under 12 years old, pay half of price.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation & Restaurants
Hotel lnternacional Machalilla.- A large building, located along the main road through Machalilla. Reservations: Tel. 05-345905. Next door is a restaurant.

Bar Restaurant Cabaña Tropical.- Is located at the south end of the village.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Los Frailes
Los Frailes beach is considered one of the best on the whole pacific coastline and is just a 30 minute amble from the bus heading to Jipijapa, ask the driver to drop you off on a junction south of Machalilla's town and note there are no buses after 4.30 to Puerto López after 4-4.30pm, if you flash your National park ticket on arrival you'll also avoid paying additional entry fees.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Agua Blanca
5km from Puerto López in a northerly direction you will hit Buena Vista and a sign marked Agua Blanca which takes you to the National park where there is a small village and a museum of archaeological artifacts of the Manteño race with nice ceramics open from 0800-1800 costing just US$1.50 and also pre-Inca ruins with guides available for US$2. You can also camp in the park or rent for US$2 daily a sparse room over the museum as well as rent horses around the area for about US$8 a day.


Frequent buses to Agua Blanca leave on Saturdays from Carmita's (in Puerto López).
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel San Sebastián

This area is approximately 9km from Agua Blanca (a 4-hour walk) and lies in a setting 800m above sea level in humid tropical forest. There are so many beautiful hikes in this park and one that leads to the Cerro San Sebastián cloud forest, with beautiful flora and fauna including wild Orchids.

Even with National park entrance tickets, there is a separate additional fee cost to visit the cloud forest. Usually a tour to Cerro San Sebastián costs around US$20 daily for a guide, US$2 for accommodation plus US$20 per horse and US$5.00 for food. There are also camping possibilities for around US$2.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Isla de la Plata
In English, Isla de la Plata translates to Silver island, a name given to this piece of land through the buried treasure legend when Sir Francis Drake landed there many epochs past. The island area has an abundance of bird life including seabirds, blue and red footed bobbies, pelicans and frigate birds as well as albatrosses from mid April to October.
Snorkeling is also permitted so bring your equipment and enjoy the coral reefs as well as a swim with the local dolphins who parade themselves frequently around this area. There are also some very nice 3-4 hour walks on the island as well as pre-Colombian sites housing various pottery finds. See also Tour operators in Puerto López.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Puerto Cayo

There are some very good whale watching tours that may be booked from here as well as some beaches, this area is reached via a northerly route from Machalilla where the road heads towards Jipijapa.

Accommodation & Restaurants

Puerto Cayo.- Comfortable rooms with terrace, located at the end of the beach. Reservations: Tel. 04-385188.

Hostal Jipijapa Los Frailes.- Comfortable rooms, restaurant and tours. Reservations: Tel. 05-616014.

Barandhua.- Basic. Located at the north end of the beach.

Expedición Cayo Mar.- Nice cabins for up to 5. Located on the beach.

Residencial Zavala.- Located on the Malecón.


D' Comer.- Seafood. Located next to Zavala.

La Cabaña.- Seafood. Located back from the beach.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Book a Tour
The Best of (BOE) has lately teamed up with the most recognized, respected Travel Agencies and Tour operators in the country. By filling in our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form, visitors may ask for a quote and book in advance as well for professional guided tours to Machalilla National Park and surroundings.
Machalilla National Park
Overview | Accommodation | Los Frailes | Agua Blanca | San Sebastián | Isla de la Plata | Puerto Cayo | Book a Tour | Write a review about Machalilla National Park
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