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Ecuador Travel Guide Tour operators | Fun | Museums | Transport | Accommodation | Restaurants | General interest | Shopping | Luxury Apartments for Sale in Salinas | Write a review about Salinas
Click to enlarge Aereal View of Salinas Ecuador
Salinas is considered the best tourist beach resort in Ecuador and the Pacific coastline by many visitors. The sandy moon bay arcs around the resort with dozens of high rising apartment blocks belonging to the wealthier Ecuadorian and foreigner overseas residents overlooking the main road fronted by colorful shops, restaurants, bars, discos, an historical marine museum and major hotels with casinos encased in the latter. Salinas, is also the main starting point to the scenic Pacific "Route of the Sun" with many tourist resorts and attractions to drive through. The high season in Salinas (December - April), is party time with plenty of night life and nice bars to enjoy along the main frontage of the bay. Later this year a water theme park with giant shoots, whirl pools and wave machines will also be a further attraction. Salinas, offers the most developed tourist infrastructure (regarding to accommodation, beaches, resorts and other attractions) together with the most exiting whale watching tours with luxurious yachts and professional guides. The closest and finest location to witness the wonder of these amazing creatures in the wild. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed...

Jet skiing in Salinas
The weather in Salinas has great temperatures all year round. The major season is warmer with temperatures between 80s-90s, while the quieter season (Mid-May to early December) has lower temperatures (between 60s-70s).

The scenic bay is full of jet skiers, water skiers, hang-gliders, sky divers and a plethora of various sized yachts anchored in the bay adjacent to the yacht club. The beach is very popular during high season and most weekends along with warm waters all year round due to its peninsular position receiving great weather with blue cloudless skies and long hot sunny periods for most of the year.

Salinas beach, Ecuador

While on the beach you'll find several free-lance tour operators offering boat excursions and/or tours around the closest fishing villages, such as Ballenita, Ayangue and many other destinations. In the beach, you can also hire Jet Skis for about US $40,00 an hour, or US $20.00 for a 30 minute ride. Water skiing is also available for the same price.

A second major beach in Salinas is Chipipe (adjacent to the yacht club), with exciting waves for body boarding or Mori Boogie boarding in a pleasant environment. Chipipe is located in a residential area compared to the main Salinas' beach, which is the commercial side of this small city. Open markets are available in both areas during the evening selling handicrafts, coral jewelry, multi colored dyed clothing art and shell crafts including amethyst and other semi precious stones to make wind chimes.
Water biking in Salinas

You can also take a 4 seat passenger bike tour for US $2.00 for an hour around the areas amidst the fresh evening breezes.

Stationed next to the town opposite the Chocolatera hill on the most southern tip of the bay is the Ecuador military, often you'll see military as well as private planes flying low above the bay as they descend to the base. Salinas, is only 25 minutes from the fine Thermal Baths "San Vicente" where due to dynamic volcanics boasts rich mineral mud baths and thermal baths along with massaging and sauna facilities.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators
Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance through any of the below listed tour operators in Salinas for guided tours, water sports, fishing tours, or any other activity. Direct reservations are available through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will direct your inquiry and search for the best and most affordable tours and rates!.

The finest whale watching tours in Ecuador are best viewed from this major beach resort between June and September. Calypsso and Barceló hotels organize professional whale watching, fishing and diving tours amongst others. All inclusive withfully equipped luxurious yachts. See accommodation for complete details.

Fishing charters in Salinas
Other tour operators include:

Tour operator and travel agency. Fishing, ocean tours, whale watching, diving, city tours. Excursions to Olón, Montañita and Punta Carnero. Sea lions watching in Punta Brava and other varied tours. Address: Ave. General Enriquez Gallo and Rumiñahui street.

Pesca tours.- Fishing charters and varied tours. In Salinas. All equipment included.

Bazán Family.- Small boats for rent, tours, banana trips, jet skis and skiing.
*Reservations in advance through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport


Salinas has a small bus terminal next to the market area, all buses stop by the second main street (known also as General Enriquez Gallo), parallel to the Malecón, to pick up passengers, then some buses stop in Libertad for about ten minutes to get more passengers. To and from Guayaquil (US$3.40, 2 1/2 hours approx.) with LIBERPESA from CLP (recommended), or Costa Azul. Other buses for other destinations are caught in La Libertad, or Santa Elena.


Besides normal taxis you can arrange fares with, there is a transport system in Salinas called Taxi rutas. A Taxi ruta takes you together with other passengers in the same cab from Salinas (on General Enriquez Gallo street) all the way to La Libertad and back for only US$0.40 each way, per person.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Shopping

Approximately one kilometer along the main road from Salinas to La Libertad, you'll find a massive block with the following well known local chains: Supermaxi (food supply), Fybeca (drug store) and TVentas (electronics).

On the same road to La Libertad, a few kilometers further, you can not miss the main, modern and brand new "El Paseo Shopping mall". Here, you'll find a large selection of fine stores, beauty saloons, travel agencies, couriers, fast food restaurants, entertainment, Supercines (Cinemas), Internet cafes and the largest Hipper market of this area including the following local chains: Rio Store, Mi Comisariato, Ferrisariato and much more...

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants
The market (Not recommended for foreigners), is the cheapest place for seafood especially "ceviches" (approximately US $5,00) and Arroz con pescado, menestra and patacones (rice with fish, lentils and fried green banana). It is located by Banco del Pacífico (1 block from the Malecón). Around and behind the Market there are several stalls and restaurants selling typical fixed meals for around US $1,80.

La Mesa de Capitan.- Outdoor restaurant with sea creatures figurines on the side street in front of the beach. This unique colorful place (US-owned) offers international and local specialties as well as whale watching tours and more. Located right at the entrance of Salinas on the Malecon. Recommended!

Lui e Lei.- Cozy outdoor restaurant with yellow umbrellas in front of the beach. The place offers international and local specialties (seafood, lovely salads and pasta). Located right in Salinas' Malecon (next to la Bella Italia restaurant). Recommended!

Amazon.- Pizzas, steaks, seafood and bar. Located on the Malecón. Tel. 04-2773671.

Mar y Tierra.- International food. Address: Malecón and Ave. 7ma (a bit pricey).

Oystercatcher.- Oysters. Address: Malecón and 32.

La Bella Italia.- Italian specialties and International food. Address: Malecón and Calle 19 (near Hotel El Carruaje).

El Carruaje.- Typical and sea food specialties. Address: At El Carruaje Hotel (on the Malecon).

Restaurant-Peña El colonial .- Typical food. Located next to the museum, on the Malecón. Tel. 2771949. Live music on Saturdays.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Fun


Cafe Guadua.- Bar-Disco, Karaoke (Mon-Thu), super Cocktails and occasionally live music. Address: General Enriquez Gallo (Hotel Salinas corner).

Monanita.- Formerly "La Casa Vieja" This is an original rustic old house converted into a popular Disco-Bar. Address: Rumiñahui street between Malecón and General Enriquez Gallo.

Los Helechos.- Drinks, snacks and pool table. Address: Malecón and Lupercio Bazán.

Rocka Bar.- Bar-Disco. Address: Rafael de la Cuadra and General Enriquez Gallo (corner).


Terapia.- Varied modern music, located at hotel Punta Carnero. See under Punta Carnero.

Club 21.- Varied music, located at hotel Calypsso.

La Orilla .- Cover US $10,00 per person. Varied music, located next to Cocos hostel (open in high season only).

West Point- A rustic cabin disco. Located in Mar Bravo.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Museums
Museo Salinas Siglo 21.- Archaeological exhibits of the Peninsular area. Valdivia ( 4200 a.C), Machalilla (1500 a.C) and Chorrera (1200 a.C) cultures' exhibits. Address: Malecón between Guayas and Quil (next to restaurant Colonial). Tel. 04-2771279. Entrance fee US$2. Open Wednesdays to Sundays 10:00 till 13:00 and 15:00 till 18:00.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest


There are several 24 hour small pharmacies along the Malecon and the Market area. Fybeca, is the largest one and is located at the entrance of Salinas.


Most restaurants, hotels, bars, discos, casinos and shopping centers accept Visa, Amex, Mastercard and Diners. ATMs are available at the following banks:

Banco de Guayaquil.- Traveler's checks, Visa and American Express. Located on the Malecón.

Banco del Pacífico.- Traveler's checks and Mastercard. Address: On the second main street, parallel to the Malecón (By the market).


Internet (Rates between US$1,80 and US$2. per hour)

Café @ Planet.- Cool ambiance and very popular. They have the fastest connection in town. Address: Ave. 10ma between Calle 25 and 26. Tel & Fax: 04-2772211.

Cyberm@r.- Opened Monday to Sunday from 9:30 till 21:00. Address: Calle 19 and Ave. 2 (behind Cocos Hostel).

Pacifictel.- Located at Radio Internacional.

Ecuador Travel Guide Tour operators | Fun | Museums | Transport | Accommodation | Restaurants | General interest | Shopping | Luxury Apartments for Sale in Salinas | Write a review about Salinas
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