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Península de Santa Elena:
Ecuador Travel Guide Baños San Vicente | La Libertad | Punta Carnero | La Ruta del Sol | Ballenita | Punta Blanca | Ayangue | Write a review about these areas
Santa Elena lies west of El Progreso a peninsula town which has archeological interest in relation to the Las Vegas culture who thrived here over 8000 BC to 4600 BC and has a burial area with over 190 skeletons found here including a couple found embracing one another and is still displayed to this day making them the most antique of finds in the country which lies close to Santa Elena look out for Museo de los Amantes de Sumpa.
Further archeological interest may also be found past Zapotal on a turning to Chanduy, once you hit this tiny port continue on 12km and find the Real Alto museum which houses the customs and previous history of the area, open 10:00-17:00 daily, and costs US$1.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Baños San Vicente
On the main peninsula road before Santa Elena around 7 km there's a turn off to Baños San Vicente where there are beautiful and health recuperating hot thermal and mud baths areas, run by the Ministerio de Turismo, but get there early before overcrowding occurs open 06:00-18:00, US$1. If you wish to stay overnight there is accommodation at Florida hotel (next to the baths), which is basic but OK. See also Best hot springs of Ecuador.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel La Libertad

West of Santa Elena and just before Salinas beach resort lies the busy industrial and market town of La Libertad with several banks nestled on the main road, restaurants, shops of every description and live bingo halls nightly. The town is also a port for petroleum exports and the refinery is viewable from the main road.


Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed lodgings, visit our online Hotel reservation form. A BOE specialized agent will be able to process your inquiry immediately for the best and most affordable accommodation rates!.

Hotel Valdivia.- Comfortable rooms with swimming pool & restaurant. Located less than 1 kilometer from Libertad. Reservations: Tel. 2775144, Fax: 2777329.

Samarina.- Bungalows with swimming pool & restaurant. Address: On Av. 9 de Octubre. Reservations: Tel. 2785167, Fax: 2784100.

Mar y Tierra.- Restaurant, located north of the main street.

Short budget?

Turis Palm.- Basic. Located on Av. 9 de Octubre (opposite CLP). Reservations: 2785159, 2784546.

Costa Brava.- Address: On Av. 12 de Octubre (at 12 de Octubre district). Reservations: Tel. 2785860.

Hostal Viña del Mar.- Basic. Located in the city's center. Reservations: Tel. 2785979.


A frequent Bus service to Guayaquil (US$2.50, 2 1/2 hours) with CLP (opposite Turis Palm Hotel) and CICA nearby. To Quito with Trans Esmeraldas, located opposite CLP (US$10.50, 10 hours). To Playas, take the aforementioned cooperatives and get off at El Progreso, once here, exchange buses to Playas (US$1.50, 1 hour).

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Punta Carnero

Punta Carnero is a large isolated beach with some 15 kilometers in length. Right here lies Hotel Punta Carnero overlooking the ocean from a cliff top.

Punta Carnero Hotel

The ocean in Punta Carnero is not recommended for swimming due to its strong undertow but, the beach is excellent for strolls and tanning. Many tourists go there when Salinas is crowded. Whale watching (During July August and September) tours and birdwatching have been recommended in this area.

The best places to stay are:

Hotel Punta Carnero.- Disco (Terapia), bar, comfortable rooms with a/c. Swimming pool and restaurant. Reservations: Tel. 2775450 and 2779041. Or, through our online Hotel reservation form.

Hostería Vista del Mar.- Comfortable cabins. Swimming pool and restaurant. Located next to Punta Carnero hotel. Reservations: Tel. 2775370. Or, through our online Hotel reservation form.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Ballenita
North of Santa Elena lies Ballenita with a fine beach area, fairly quiet for people wishing to get away for a couple of days. There is a comfortable place to stay here called Hosteria Farallón Dillon (Tel & Fax: 2786643-2785611) with spectacular views. Additionally, the place has a restaurant and a Gallery with antiques for sale. Another place to stay here includes Ballenita Inn. Reservations: Tel. 2785008. Or, through our online Hotel reservation form.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Punta Blanca
On the road to Punta Blanca there are some excellent fish restaurants just before Punta Barandúa. A recommended place to stay in Punta Blanca includes Las Olas, located at Km 18 before San Pablo, with nice cabins, hammocks, swimming pool, restaurant, etc. Reservations: 2610513. Further north the road leads you to small fishing villages, such as Monteverde, and Palmar, with nice beaches and restaurants.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Ayangue
North of Punta Blanca is Ayangue set in a horseshoe type bay area, very busy on weekends and holidays. The best place of stay here is Cumbres de Ayangue on the southern tip of the bay with cabins, restaurant, pool and glorious views. Reservations: Tel 2916040. A cheaper place to stay is Hosteria Pangora (in the village).
Península de Santa Elena:
Ecuador Travel Guide Baños San Vicente | La Libertad | Punta Carnero | La Ruta del Sol | Ballenita | Punta Blanca | Ayangue | Write a review about these areas
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