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San Lorenzo:
Ecuador Travel Guide Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | fun | Transport | Excursions from San Lorenzo | Crossing to Colombia | Write a review about San Lorenzo

The complete town of San Lorenzo is easy to amble around even though it is exceptionally hot and humid throughout the year with the exception of the rainy season when mosquitos prevail so, do load up with repellents.

If you are in town August 6-10 do take advantage of the festival which is most colorful however, the local marimba music and exotic dancing is played throughout the year by the Colombians whom emigrated here many years ago. Up from the town lies a very nice pristine rainforest and this area in general is populated with many trees which are logged by local companies.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation

Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed lodgings, visit our online Hotel reservation form. A BOE specialized agent will be able to process your inquiry immediately for the best and most affordable accommodation rates!.

Pampa de Oro.- Comfortable. Address: On calle 26 de Agosto. Reservations: Tel. 780214.

Continental.- Family run with comfortable rooms. Address: On calle Imbabura. Reservations: Tel. 780125, Fax: 780127.

Puerto Azul.- Address: On calle 26 de Agosto (close to the train station). Reservations: Tel. 780220.

San Carlos.- Address: On calle Imbabura (by the train station). Reservations: Tel. 780240, Fax: 780284.

Carondelet.- Located on the main plaza. Reservations: Tel. 780202

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants

La Estancia.- A la carte. Located next to Hotel San Carlos.

La Red.- Seafood. Address: Imbabura and Ayora.

La Conchita.- Seafood. Located on 10 de Agosto

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Fun
There are two discos close to the main plaza. The local festivities in this town are in August. Marimba groups can be seen practicing on Eloy Alfaro street and also close to the train station.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport

South of San Lorenzo lies the train station, most buses arrive and leave from here, or from Hotel San Carlos. One block from the main park lies the pier. There is a frequent bus service To Esmeraldas via Borbón and Camarones (US$6, 6 1/2 hours). To lbarra (US$3.50, 6 1/2 hours).


Unfortunately, the train station has been replaced by buses.


There is a frequent boat service to Limones (US$2.50, 1 hour) and from Limones to La Tola (US$1.50, 1 hour).

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Excursions from San Lorenzo

The area of San Lorenzo has an abundance of natural reserves running throughout the area and include the Reserva Ecológica Cayapas-Mataje, which safeguards the estuary islands to the northwest of this small town.

Other areas covered under the umbrella of the reserve are inland such as Cotacachi-Cayapas, Reserva Playa de Oro where you can see spider monkeys in virgin rainforests; Bosque Protector La Chiquita and the wetlands of Bosque Hurnedal del Yalare up towards Esmeraldas. A further good example of reserve protection on the coastline are the Cayapas or Chachi and the Awa.

Another interesting area that is worth visiting nearby is the sandy beach of San Pedro, located at the end of the bay. There is a couple of agencies that can be hired for excursions around the area, such as Costeñita (on Imbabura street) and Coopseturi (Tel. 780161).

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Crossing to Colombia

You can cross over to Colombia in addition to the normal land route also by boat via Tumaco at 07:00 or 14:00 with a swift 90 minute ride from San Lorenzo to the borders of Palmareal for US$2.50, then take a small canoe to Monte Alto and from there a truck to the port called Puerto Palmas. From this port you must then go over Rio Mira then on by jeep or taxi to Tumaco, which will take around 7 hours from San Lorenzo.

At the border

If you choose to arrive by boat from Tumaco see the navy customs officer in the harbor but get your passport stamped prior to embarking in Esmeraldas or Ibarra, upon arrival get your entry stamp as soon as you arrive to avoid complications.
As a final word of warning, only take scheduled regular boats to Colombia due to drug smuggling practices. (See Dangerous areas).

San Lorenzo:
Ecuador Travel Guide Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | fun | Transport | Excursions from San Lorenzo | Crossing to Colombia | Write a review about San Lorenzo
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