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Ecuador Travel Guide Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | Jumandí caves | Excursions | Sumaco Volcano | Jungle tours from Tena | Write a review about Tena
Founded in 1560 Tena is the capital of Napo Province and houses over 20,000 residents. It was formerly a major trading port of the Amazon and early colonial missionary area while today it is a major commercial center surrounded by a convergence of the Tena and Pano rivers and beautiful river walks and sand pebbled beaches.

Tourism has lifted off well in the past decade in Tena and the town enjoys year round ambient temperatures of around 24ºC, while it has developed good ethno-tourism with the large population of Quichua Indian inhabiting the area along with Chibcha and Quijos natives who have kept their own inherent customs, myths and ethnic life styles going despite commercial encroachment.

The tourist head quarters may be found at Bolivar and Garcia Moreno close to the market at the northern end of town while in the center is a pedestrian bridge linking the two sectors of town together. There is also a local market and airport used for local flights
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants
Pollo Good.- Chicken specialties. Address: On 15 de Noviembre, (one block away from the bus terminal).

El Toro Asado.- Set meals. Located on the main road coming from Archidona, on the left.

Cositas Ricas.- Vegetarian and set meals. Address: On 15 de Noviembre (by Hostal Traveler's Lodging).

Chuquitos.- Set meals. Address: On García Moreno (by the Plaza).

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators
Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance through any of the below listed tour operators in Tena for Jungle tours, White-water rafting, Canoe trips or any other desired activity. Direct reservations are available through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will direct your inquiry and search for the best and most affordable tours and rates!.

Ríos Ecuador.- White-water rafting and kayak tours. Located on 15 de Noviembre and 9 de Octubre. Tel. 06-887438 (in Tena). In Quito: Tel. 02-2553727. See also Rafting.

Amarongachi Tours.- (See Hostal Traveler's Lodging and Jungle tours).

Kanoa Tours.- Located on 15 de Noviembre, opposite restaurant "Cositas Ricas".

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport


There is a frequent bus service to Quito (5 hours, US$5.50). To Baños (US$4, 5 hours). To Riobamba (US$5.50, 6 hours). To Baeza (2 1/2 hours). To Ambato 5 1/2 hours, US$6). To Coca (US$7, 6 1/2 hours). To Lago Agrio with Jumandy (US$9, 8-9 hours). To Puyo (4 hours). To Archidona (15-20 minutes, US$0.50). To Misahuallí (50 minutes, US$1).


There are frequent flights to Shell-Mera. Short flights available through the jungle, for one person only. Reservations through Ríos Ecuador (See Tour operators).
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest

Andinatel.- Address: Olmedo and Juan Motalvo.


Piraña Net.- Address: 9 de Octubre and Tarqui.

Yacu Runa Net.- Address: 15 de Noviembre and Rueda.

Tena Systems.- Address: Bolivar and García Moreno.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Excursions from Tena
If you carry your own torch, flash lights with back up batteries and a good pair of rubber boots for the mud and water, you may enjoy the various limestone caves around Tena. One of the most feared caves by the locals likely from superstition, particularly the Quichua are the Jumandi caves north of Archidona 6km further via bus or taxi.

The caves have a restaurant (open at weekends) as well as a daily pool and waterslide facility to enjoy, when entering the various openings to this large maize of interiors look out for the colonies of vampire bat nestling in the crevasses as well as the eloquent stalactites which hang like chandeliers form the caves roof. Note: Check prior to entering the cave due to dangerous flash flooding during the rainy season

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Sumaco Volcano
The Sumaco volcano is the remotest coned volcano in Ecuador standing at 3,730m and some 5-6 days return trek from the base due to thick vegetation, deep inclines and constant wet weather. It lies approximately 27km from the Tena-Coca road to the north and the best local guides may be found in the village of Huamani off the Tena-Baeza road after a turn off from the main Coca road (20km up). The guides can take you to the summit which is supposedly dormant although some volcanologist agree to differ on the activity level. The guides will hack through dense undergrowth with their "machetes" and you will feel like you are on an Indiana Jones expedition discovering new lands for the first time.

The best guides are Benjamin Shiguango and Francisco Chimbo for around US$15.00 per day, bring sufficient food and camping equipment which must cover the guide also in addition to his fee along with another US$12.00 that must go to the village of Huamani. The months of October to December are the driest and best periods to go on this far out adventure as the other months are far muddier and more difficult to traverse

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Jungle tours from Tena
There are numerous guided Jungle tours from Tena, the largest main operators are Amarongachi Tours, located on 15 de Noviembre 422. Tel & Fax 06-886372 and the Red Indígena de Las Comunidades del Alto Napo para la Convivencia Intercultural y El Ecoturismo (Ricancie) (Indigenous Network of Upper Napo Communities for Cultural Coexistence and Ecotourism). Tel 06-887072 based at 15 de Noviembre 774 (around the back of this street).

The former operator is a cooperative run company who works closely with the locals and in addition has a lodging restaurant as well as Shangri-La cabins up from Rio Jatunvacu in a southerly direction where you may stay with local indigenous families for around US$30.00 daily. The actual tours are around US$35.00 daily also per person but is cheaper if several days are booked or you arrange with a group.

The major activities include panning for gold, living with jungle families, swimming, try out the local cuisine as well as trek and hike. Do note most families don't speak English and only some Spanish as their second tongue as they are mainly Quichua so do brush up on your Spanish before arriving.

The latter aforementioned agency, RICANCIE has local guides and again few speak English so, Spanish is essential when communicating with them. These guides can take you to numerous caves in the area, arrange local stays with the indigenous inhabitants of the area as they represent 9 major villages ranging from US$35.00 to US$60.00 per day depending on group size, number of days booked and traveling distance from their headquarters.

Other eco/ethno tourism operators highly recommended are through Sr. Delfin Pauchi, a Quichuan who speaks only Spanish in addition to his own language. Casilla 245, Tena. Tel. 06-886434 and 06-886088 who runs Cabañas Pimpilala located 45 minutes from Tena US$30.00 daily including meals, guided tours on medicinal plants, music and local legends. You can also connect to the latter guide via Naturgal of Quito on Reina Victoria and Foch. Tel. 02-2522681.
Another highly recommended operator is through the Cerda family of Oswaldo, Olmedo and Fausto Cerda, a Quichua run enterprise with over 8 different tours ranging from US$30.00 daily per person. Their name, address and details are: Sacharicsina, Tarqui 246. Tel. 06-886250 and 06-886962.
Ecuador Travel Guide Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | Jumandí caves | Excursions | Sumaco Volcano | Jungle tours from Tena | Write a review about Tena
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